Tuition Refund & Program Policy

Deposit made during the registration process is non-refundable. Transfer of that deposit to another class will be honored whenever possible. For whatever reason your student is unable to attend or transfer to another session, the following charges will be accrued:

  • $40.00 for textbook not returned at the time of withdraw.
  • Refunds will not be granted after dropping, suspension, expulsion or failing the class for any reason.
  • Unpaid re-scheduling fees
  • Re-issue of a certification if lost $50.00 administration fee

Please note that the Department of Safety requirements for successful completion of Driver Education consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction (passing grade), 10 hours of road work instruction and 6 hours of in-car observation (certified instructor).
1. Attendance at all classes is mandatory and any absences are discouraged. To pass this course the State of New Hampshire requires that students must not miss any classroom time. (30 hours) expect for good cause. Any classroom missed due to good cause must have prior approval. Good cause does NOT INCLUDE sports, curricular activities, or Employment conflicts. The instructor must approve all absence prior to the absent in an email must be submitted from parent or guardian. Absence for good cause shall not exceed more than 4 hours. Any classroom missed by good cause shall have make-up assignments and must be done in a coordinated format.
2. Drive Safe LLC classes held on Exeter High school facility adhere to the Exeter High school Handbbook policies if students are suspension or expulsion they are unable to attend Driver education classes and must be dropped.
3. A 78% overall grade Is considered a passing grade. Grades are made up of classwork, Quizzes and Final.
4. The 40 hour practice requirement is required for DMV testing but not required for Driver Education completion. Hours can be recorded on the Roadready APP but need to transfer to
Blue/black ink is highly recommended when journaling student practice.
5. Where appropriate, please let us know if your student requires accommodations in the classroom based on an IEP/504 plan. Our goal is student success and a pleasurable experience for parents and the emergent drivers in our charge.
6. Please note that students failing to contact their road instructor within a reasonable time frame (24 hour minimum) prior to cancellation of a road appointment will be charged a fee of or $50.00 and no further driving times will be scheduled until this fee is paid. 2 missed scheduled appointments could result in dropping the course or not scheduling drives with instructor in a coordinated matter with classrooms can result in dropping course.

Please print out the PDF version of this policy and have it signed for the first class.