NH DMV allows students to begin a driver education program at 15.9 years of age. The student needs to be 15.9 years of age at the start of the class date.

Students who have successfully completed the course may apply for their license once they turn 16 years of age.

Drive Safe students who have completed the Drive Safe, LLC. online inquiry forms will receive a reply email by the driver education secretary. She will then ask for additional information and answer any pending question you may have before reserving a seat. Those students who have rather reserve over the phone may leave a message on the automated answering machine including their name (first, last), DOB, telephone number, and preferred class start date. Most phone calls are returned by the weekend as we are full time educators during the week. Rarely, Drive Safe, LLC. is able to accommodate “drop in” students.

Class dates are posted on class registration. HOWEVER, there will be some exceptions depending on school vacations, observed holidays, weather, etc. All teachers strive to avoid planning classes during school vacations ,so students can join their parents on vacations.

Classes will be held at the Exeter High School.

NO. We welcome students from all areas living in New Hampshire as long as they can get to class on time.

An open mind, enthusiasm, pen/pencil, a photocopy of your birth certificate! Any additional payments can be paid in class. We accept cash and checks brought to class or on line credit cards. Checks can be made payable to Drive Safe, LLC. A receipt will be provided each time a payment is made towards the balance.

The driver must be at least 15½ years old and must carry proof of age in the vehicle.

The person learning to drive must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible licensed adult 25 years of age or older.

The vehicle used for practice must be a non-commercial vehicle.

Drive Safe LLC. utilizes and supplements the NH Driver Education Risk Prevention Curriculum in all aspects of our program.

The best way is fill out application on DriveSafenh.com website, under the class you are interested in.. A confirmation email will be sent once you have secured a spot. Please note that classes fill up quickly and we cannot guarantee a spot until a confirmation letter is sent.

However, students are picked on a first come, first serve basis.

If unable to fill out application on line please use contact button to send an email request.

Yes, Ideal it is good to have the student acquainted to the driver’s seat. At least 5 hours. Start out in the parking lot with basic car control. Starting the engine, moving the vehicle, turning the wheel. Stops and goes. This will help the student to be little more at ease before the course starts. Remember the state requires 40 hours of supervised instructions with parent/guardian before they can go to the DMV for testing.

The idea is to offer a quality program. It is with smaller classes that the teachers can better individualize to meet each student’s needs. Learning to drive safely is the most important skill a young person can learn. Statistics state this, as well a review of the daily newspapers. This takes time and patience in a well-coordinated, sequential way. The instructor’s philosophy is to build a solid foundation of basic skills aligned with working as close as possible with parents.

Ideally, Drive Safe would like to work with a class of students every 5-8 weeks. Sign up early because our program is well established, servicing several generations of happy customers! Yes, one can sign up ahead of time for the next class or future classes thereby reserving a spot. To reserve a future class slot, the application and deposit must be received by us. Our scheduled courses are planned a year in advance, so sign up early to reserve a position in the class. Keep in mind that NH State regulations and Drive Safe LLC have stringent guidelines with regard to Birthdates 15.9 months to the first date of class and Classroom absences… so choose your semester with that in mind.

Classroom time will be held after school, 3:00pm to 5:00pm depending on the needs of the enrolled students. The days the classes are held are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays. There will be exceptions depending on school vacations, weather etc. The teachers strive to avoid planning classes during school vacations.

2019 Nissan Rogue Sport is a five-passenger subcompact crossover SUV. 2.0 liter four cylinder engine 141 horsepower 147 pound feet of torque. 17 inch alloy wheels. LED daylight running lights, automatic headlights. Power adjustable seats. Surround-view camera system. A pedestrian detection function for forward collision warning system and rear sensors with automatic braking. It is important to teach new technology functions and when to use them.

No, the student must complete all of their driving requirements in the state of New Hampshire.

Yes. You may begin to work on your skills with a NH licensed driver 25 years of age or older when you turn 15.5 months. Legal proof of age needs to be readily available. You can access a certificate of additional driving form https://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/dmv/forms/documents/dsmv509.pdf or we will supply you with the required 40 hour practice sheet with someone other than a driver education instructor when you begin our program. This documentation is required as part of your application for a NH State license. As you can see, this is a partnership program. This form is required to be completed when applying for your license at the DMV.

As each state has its own motor vehicle laws, but it depends on their rules. Parents are advised to call the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles in order to find this out, the answer is usually a “No”.