Mrs. Kristine Goodwin

Ms. Goodwin grew up and graduated from High School in Hamilton, Massachusetts. She has four children; three daughters, one son, and multiple grandchildren. As an instructor, and team member at Drive Safe Inc., her personal philosophy is “that students deserve a positive and challenging driver education experience”. Making her schedule available to them is crucial in reaching that goal. As a classroom teacher and road instructor (in both the private and public sector), being part of an exceptional team is essential. All of us at Drive Safe work together to make driver education an unforgettable “smooth ride” and enjoyable experience for both student AND parent.

Mrs. Deb Calantonio

Mrs. Calantonio is an veteran driver educator with nine years experience working in the Seacoast Area. When she’s not instructing new students toward their goal of licensing, Deb enjoys reading and time spent with her family.