Private Lessons

For all new coming and seasoned drivers, both younger and older, we offer private lessons at the rate of $50/hour within a 20 mile radius of the school. First lesson must be a prepaid 2 hour evaluation.

If you have any questions about any of our programs or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at (603) 778-8372. Please leave the potential driver’s name (first, last), date of birth, evening telephone number, hours requested, and reason for private lessons.

Resources for the Experienced and Novice Driver

A good place to find information and driver practice tests is GoDriver. This site contains information on state laws for driving, and practice tests for the state DMV test.

Guidelines for the Course

Our goal is to help you become a safe, responsible driver. We have listed some guidelines for the course. This will answer commonly asked questions and provide the information you will need. Our school is Licensed by the Department of Safety. NH State laws mandate that you must attend all classes and finish all driving times before a Course Completion Certificate will be issued.

Selection of Students

Students must be 15.9 months prior to first class date. Selection will be on a first come, first serve basis and registration occurs on line, via phone and email. Remember, classes fill quickly so early enrollment is recommended.

Seats are confirmed through our office email or telephone!


You will receive a call and/or a mailing notifying you of this time. During this class, driving schedules and classroom hours will be finalized. Each student is to receive a minimum of 30 classroom hours, 10 hours of road instruction and 6 hours of in-car observation with an instructor.


Students missing classes or driving time will not be able to receive their Course Completion Certificates until all requirements have been met. According to Driver Education regulations, any missed classes must be made up within six months of the original course. NH State regulations and Drive Safe Inc. have stringent guidelines with regard to classroom absences. The link to Driver Education in New Hampshire (official DMV-Department of Safety site) may be found on our home page for your convenience.


Once driving schedules are determined after the Orientation Class. Students are responsible for being on time at the designated pick-up location. Every effort should be made to provide written updated schedules to prevent miscommunication. Any student who fails “to show” for an assigned driving time will be charged ($45.00) for a missed lesson. Do not cancel scheduled driving appointments on the Drive Safe answering machine…contact the driver education teacher. Each student is provided with their driving instructor’s phone number at the beginning of program. Students can drive during study halls, mornings before school, after school, and weekends. Each student may be assigned a driving partner based on each student’s availability and is required to complete a minimum of ten hours each of driving time, and six hours of observation.


Students must maintain at least a 80% grade on classroom and score an 80% grade on the final exam.

Enrollment Cost

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the beginning of the program. The balance of $560.00 must be paid within the third week of the class. The total cost of the Drive Safe driving program is $660.00. However, missed driving appointments and additional driving time past the 10 standards hours mandated by the state of NH can add to the $660 base cost. Information with regards to dropping from the program after registration and attending is made available during orientation.

Additional Driving Instruction

This is designed for any student or civilian who wish to “upgrade” their driving skills for personal reasons.. The rate for additional additional hours or adult refresher is $50.00/hr.